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NextGen ScrimmageFests powered by Kwik Goal

NEXT EVENT:  MAY 21-22, 2022

AGES: U9 - U10 Boys and Girls ONLY
U9's play Saturday | U10's play Sunday

LOCATION:  Fredericksburg, VA  |  FFC Park
REGISTRATION LINK  (registration closed)

COST:   $75 per team  (***NON CCL MEMBERS WELCOME***)

EVENT DIRECTOR:  Steve Lovgren 804-833-2092

Save the Dates
August 27-28, 2022 + May 20-21, 2023
  @ NVSC Hellwig Park
New!  Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 ScrimmageFests U8-U12, Boys + Girls


May 1 Registration Deadline
May  2 Accepted Teams Posted
May 8 Brackets Posted
May 10th Schedule Posted
May 21-22 NextGen ScrimmageFest Powered by Kwik Goal


August 1 Registration Deadline
August 10 Accepted Teams Posted
August 11 Brackets Posted
August 15 Schedule Posted
August 28-29 NextGen ScrimmageFest Powered by Kwik Goal

CCL NextGen ScrimmageFest powered by Kwik Goal is the doorstep to the top leagues.  These events offer a one-of-a-kind experience for our NextGen 8-10s and their families.  The event is set up to maximize creativity and enjoyment of the game in a stress-free environment.  Our goal is to give the game back to the players and show them that at the introductory ages of eight-, nine-, and ten-years old, the tournament is about fun, education, and competition.  No scores or standings are kept and we encourage all fans to cheer on all players/teams while relaxing and enjoying the day together.  There are no referees and coaches are encouraged to help players manage each game.  Coaches are also offered the opportunity to step on to the field and help players while the match is being played.  This allows the coach to help players have a greater understanding of the expectations of roles and responsibilities within positions, formations, etc.  The CCL full-time and event staff spend time setting up a ScrimmageFest environment that embodies the festive atmosphere of the event.  Each ScrimmageFest has a certified Athletic Trainer available.  We look forward to you enjoying these events!

Schedule note:  All schedules will be posted on GotSoccer; click on links above.  Each team receives (4) 30-minute continuous matches throughout the day.

NextGen ScrimmageFest T-shirts will be available on-site for purchase!  Click links above.

In case of inclement weather, we cannot make-up matches; if a time slot is lost, the match will not be rescheduled.

By participating in a CCL event, you agree that all photographs, either still or moving, taken of you during your participation in a CCL event and used by Club Champions Leagues (“CCL”) are owned solely by CCL, and CCL may copyright material containing the same in whole or in part. You agree that CCL has the right to use these photographs for commercial (including without limitation publicity, promotion, advertising, licensing) and non-commercial use without restriction and without payment of any compensation to you. You also grant CCL the nonexclusive, perpetual, worldwide right, without further consideration, to use, copy, publish, reuse, or display any quote, personal statement, or other testimonial given by you in connection with CCL, whether given orally or in writing, in whole or in part, without restrictions, for any purpose, whether commercial or noncommercial, in any media.