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CCL Donations

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The Club Champions League (CCL) exists to advocate for and grow a healthy, highly competitive, sustainable environment that benefits all players and stakeholders in the youth soccer game.

Through a developmentally sound philosophy and a robust emphasis on coaching education, the CCL believes in the inextricable link between successful players, teams, and clubs.   The link is supported by the club-to-club matchday model, a Board of Directors comprised of soccer technical professionals, and strategic partnerships with the long-term goal of reducing fees for families.  As we like to say, “players are members of a club as well as members of a team, and successful clubs develop players and clubs from within”.

The CCL also believes in the long-term benefits of youth soccer.   Research has shown a clear correlation between team-based sports and the development of critical life skills such as communication, decision-making, risk-taking, time management, and—of course—teamwork.  The physical benefits of youth athletics are equally beneficial both in terms of fitness and wellness as well as healthier mental health.  Youth soccer under our clubs and the CCL model is a winning combination!

But as Will Rogers said, “even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there”.  That’s why we want to partner with YOU to ensure that all players experience all the youth soccer game has to offer.

The CCL is an IRS-approved, 501-c-3 public charity, and all donations are tax-deductible.  Your donation will be used to support the following player-centered initiatives:

  • Player Scholarships. The CCL believes that cost should never impact a player’s ability to get on the field.  The league minimizes expenses wherever possible to provide the most cost-effective solution for a player in need.
  • Coaching Education. As aspects of the game evolve, the league seeks to educate aspiring coaches in the most modern methods of coaching to more effectively reach players.
  • Club and Family Support. The CCL’s strategic partnerships with—among others—adidas and are aimed specifically at offering youth clubs and families a variety of ways to reduce their costs.  Whether through merchandise or equipment discounts, or reduced-fee entry to top-quality events, the CCL’s focus is on keeping the game affordable for all.
  • CCL Program Development and Event Costs. Did you know that the league hosts 3 fully-subsidized events each year, at a cost of over $120,000?  The league also maintains a highly functional website that houses the entire league’s seasonal year schedule, plus club and age group standings.

The CCL provides unique opportunities for youth soccer players, their teams, and their clubs.  We are proud of the league’s history of success and are excited to grow the game in the years ahead.  Please join the CCL Team today through your tax-deductible donation.

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