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CCL United

CCL United Girls playing in Gothia Cup Tipselit Division Semifinal Match!

CCL United Girls playing in Gothia Cup Tipselit Division Semifinal Match!

CCL United (VA, MD, D.C., WV)
GOTHIA CUP and VILDBJERG CUP (four teams per event):

Gothia Cup:  July 13-24, 2022 > 2005 Boys and Girls National & Regional League Teams
Vildbjerg Cup:  July 23-August 1, 2022 > 2007 Boys and Girls National & Regional League Teams
Selections:  CCL United 2022 Rosters Announced (here); scroll down to see archived rosters
Announcements:  Summer 2021 CCL United teams collected 12 trophies while competing at the USA Cup!!

PROGRAM DETAILS:  In 2016, we launched the CCL United program that provides top-level CCL players a one-of-a-kind youth professional soccer immersion experience versus some of the World’s very best youth academy teams.  For CCL, we select U17 players to create two (2) Boys and (2) Girls teams to attend the Gothia Cup.  We then select U15 players to create (2) Boys and (2) Girls teams to attend Vildbjerg Cup.  Finally, U13 players are selected to create two (2) Boys and (2) Girls teams to attend the exciting domestic Target USA Cup

Along with a dedicated team training camp and the exceptional international friendly matches prior to Gothia Cup and Vildbjerg Cup, the complete experience is second to none.  Unique to the Target USA Cup, teams arrive three days early prior to the main event to participate in a pre-tournament so that players and coaches can prepare themselves accordingly.  Note:  Gothia Cup allows three over-age players and a roster of 18 to participate on a team.  Vildbjerg Cup allows a roster of 16 to participate on a team.  Through the CCL's National Clubs Alliance (NCA) membership, fill-in players may come from partner clubs around the country. 

1)  Club Director, Technical Staff and Coaching Staff recommendations.  Interested players should also connect with their club’s TD/DOC.
2)  Scouting during seasonal league play through Fall, at the College Showcases, ID Sessions, and College Combines.
3)  United ID session #1, for recommended players.
4)  Additional United ID sessions may be requested by a Head Coach.
5)  Identification and recommendation from opposing Directors, Technical Staff, and Coaching Staff throughout league play.

As the destination league for college-bound soccer players, we have created College Combines.  The Combines are for all eligible CCL players to participate in training sessions led by top college coaches.  This Combine will also provide the CCL United Coaching Staff a final time to assess and evaluate players for any final roster spots on a CCL or CCL NE United team.  These opportunities are only available to CCL players!

CCL Fall Season, December College Showcase, ID Session(s), February College Showcase & College Combine are used to help finalize rosters
November 15.  CCL United Information Packet:  sent to all CCL clubs for distribution to age-appropriate eligible players
December 3-5.  CCL Fall College Showcase
January 16.  CCL United ID session #1 (an opportunity for all recommended players to showcase talent).  2007 & 2005 Boys and Girls @ Glover Park (POSTPONED)
January 28-30.  CCL Winter College Showcase                                 

February 6.  CCL United ID session #1 (an opportunity for all recommended players to showcase talent).  2007 & 2005 Boys and Girls @ Glover Park
February 12-13.  CCL College Combine (not mandatory but CCL United recommended and selected players encouraged to attend)
February 15.  CCL United Selections
February 17.  CCL United Commitment  February 17 Deposit of $300.00 due to confirm and secure roster spot
February 24.  CCL United Fundraising  Announced.  Easy Fundraising begins February 24
April 15.  CCL United Player Second Payment Due.
May 22, 2022 – CCL United Training Center #1.  FFC Park | 5:30 - 7:00pm (directions)
May 15.  CCL United Player Final Payment Due.
May 30.  CCL United Parent Package Payment Due.
June 12, 2022.  CCL United Training Center #2.  Valley View | 11:00am - 3:00pm (directions)
June 19.  CCL United Training Center #3.  June 19, 11:00am @ Glover Park, Glen Allen, VA (directions) = All Teams and includes Parent Meeting
July – CCL United Team Training Camp.  Prior to both trips, each team has a team training camp at the beautiful a exclusive local facility near our hotel.

Past Parent Reviews

I just want to say thank you so much for taking such good care of all the kiddos on the Denmark Trip, especially my Aiden. He had such a good time and speaks very highly of all of the staff that was there. He loved playing with the boys he got play with and was sad when it was over. It’s definitely an experience he’ll never forget. Also thank you for the daily Reels and photos, it made us a little more at ease being able to see our boy in action. You guys did a FANTASTIC job!!
Melissa Hardwick

Archived Rosters: