PRO23 2016 Standings

Lumber Liquidators

1Roanoke Star Roanoke Star76102061418
2Loudoun Soccer Loudoun7511156916
3SYA SYA724158-37
4SOCA SOCA7151815-74
5Arlington SA Arlington7052718-112
1 Potomac75111651116
2 FC Frederick73311213-110
3Braddock Road BRYC73311116-510
4Maryland United FC Maryland United722310739
5Lee-Mount Vernon Soccer Club LMVSC72411121-107
1 McLean86023252720
2 FC Frederick851223101317
3 Potomac85211651116
4Maryland United FC Maryland United84221911814
5Braddock Road BRYC84401526-1112
6Loudoun Soccer Loudoun82511721-47
7Roanoke Star Roanoke Star8260622-166
8Lee-Mount Vernon Soccer Club LMVSC8080634-280

POTOMAC wins Men’s Championship!  MCLEAN wins Women’s Championship!  Loudoun wins Men’s COPA conference based on head-to-head.  Loudoun to play Championship.  Roanoke Star 3rd/4th place match.  Potomac wins Men’s PREDATOR conference.  McLean wins Women’s ACE conference.  Potomac places 2nd in ACE conference and will play in Final.  All final standings above include playoff point accumulation.

CCL PRO23 Rules & Procedures (PDF)  |  CCL PRO23 Referee Manual (PDF)

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