Sprint & CCL – Changing The Game

Up to $150 Back To Clubs For Every New Line

CCL and Sprint have partnered to help grow the game and inspire players, parents, families and fans to follow their passion. For every new Sprint line added by parents/families, CCL clubs will earn incremental rebate, up to $150* per each new-to-Sprint line of service.

How It Works

(1) Switch to Sprint

  • Switch to Sprint and save up to 50% on your monthly rates. Find a nearby store, or get connected with Sprint online or by phone, and figure out what plan makes the most sense for you and your family.

(2) Submit Your New Lines

  • Submit new-to-Sprint lines of service at https://latino.sprint.com/soccer/youthsoccer/ccl
  • Lines must be submitted on landing page in order to earn rebate.
  • The more lines you submit, the more your club earns.

(3) Earn Money For Your Club

  • For each new Sprint line added, your club will earn incremental cash rebates, up to $150 per new-to-Sprint lines of service. The more lines, the more money earned for your club!


How do I switch to Sprint?

Parents/families go to any Sprint store, Sprint.com or call 1-800-Sprint1 and ask to switch!

Useful links:

Can I use my current phone when I switch plans to Sprint?

In many cases, yes, but even if your current phone is not compatible with Sprint’s network, Sprint takes trade-ins and has great deals on tons of new phones. They’ll even help you transfer all your data to your new device.

Will Sprint help me cover the fee if I need to break the contract from my current provider?

That depends on the offer but often times the answer is yes.

My current phone is damaged, can I trade it in?

That depends on what device and the level of damage.

I have a lease with my carrier, and don’t own my phone, how do I get set up with Sprint?

Sprint often has offers that include paying your cancellation fee or paying off your device from competitors. Go to a Sprint store or call 1-800-Sprint1 to ask about the latest offers.

How do I know when my club has received the rebate?

The CCL will provide reporting to clubs when rebates are paid.

Do I need to enter every phone number on the plan at the landing page, or just the number of the account owner?

YES. Enter each phone number, individually, for every new sprint line added.

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