CCL ScrimmageFest powered by SKLZ

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Announcement:  Please drive slowly.  Parking lot will be busy due to State Cup weekend at same site. 

CCL ScrimmageFest powered by SKLZ @ Fredericksburg FC
May 20, 2017:  9s  |  May 21, 2017:  10s

Directions  /  Parking  /  Field Map  /  Coach Rules & Expectations
Schedules Updated 5/16/17:
Schedule 9s 
PDF /  Schedule 10s  PDF /  Master Schedule 9s  XLS /  Master Schedule 10s  XLS   

Schedule note:  Schedules will be posted by 5/5.  Color coding represents a match to the age groups and divisions.

ScrimmageFest is a free event.  T-shirt will be available on-site and online, and help offset event costs!  Click here or on the Shop Now picture.

SKLZ COMPETITIONS.  We will have two fun SKLZ competitions for the players:

1)  SKLZ Competition #1:  Obstacle Course | View Description (PDF)
2)  SKLZ Competition #2:  Clockwork Challenge | View Video Demo (link)

The SKLZ competitions will be available from 10:30am to 2pm.  This will allow all interested players the opportunity to compete.  Please visit the CCL ScrimmageFest powered by SKLZ field to participate.  If time allows, players will have a maximum of two “practices” for each skill.  Players will have a maximum of two opportunities to get their “personal best” for each skill.  There will be a champion per age group, per gender, per competition (9 Boys, 9 Girls, 10 Boys and 10 Girls).  SKLZ champions will receive an award and special gift from SKLZ.  If a player wins a SKLZ competition and is not on-site to receive their SKLZ Award we will contact your Club Director and send via mail.

In case of inclement weather, we cannot make-up matches; if a time slot is lost, the match will not be rescheduled.

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