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CCL PRO23 Rules & Procedures (PDF) 05/30/2018  |  CCL PRO23 Referee Manual (PDF) 05/30/2018

CCL PRO23 Update 2018:  CCL PRO23 Championship Weekend set (click here)

CCL PRO23   Update 2018:  CCL PRO23 unveils CCL PRO23 Championships logo.

CCL PRO23 Update 2018:  CCL PRO23 expands to 41 teams for Summer 2018!

CCL PRO23   Update 2017:  An exciting and eventful regular season of CCL PRO23 lead into climactic semifinal and championship matches played between the leagues best teams. Beach FC and Loudoun Soccer Club were crowned the Men and Women’s 2017 CCL PRO23 Champions respectively, after winning their final matches at Loudoun Soccer Park.

CCL CCL PRO23 Women’s Final:  Loudoun 4 vs. McLean 2
CCL CCL PRO23 Men’s Final:  Beach FC 1 vs. FC Frederick 0

CCL PRO23   Update 2016:  POTOMAC wins Men’s Championship!  MCLEAN wins Women’s Championship!  Loudoun wins Men’s COPA conference based on head-to-head.  Loudoun to play Championship.  Roanoke Star 3rd/4th place match.  Potomac wins Men’s PREDATOR conference.  McLean wins Women’s ACE conference.  Potomac places 2nd in ACE conference and will play in Final.  All final standings above include playoff point accumulation.

Club Champions League to Launch CCL PRO23  in Summer 2016

Charlottesville, VA (November 30, 2015) – The Club Champions League is pleased to announce the region’s most professional, competitive and unique Under 23 league.  CCL PRO23 will begin play June 2016.  CCL clubs, as well as select clubs outside the CCL in 2017 (via the CCL PRO23 Application), will compete in the CCL PRO23.

CCL PRO23 will provide former CCL players and current collegiate players an opportunity to find professional, meaningful training as well as superior competition during the summer months, (during their off-season) all while preparing them for a successful collegiate season in the fall.

“The CCL continues to be the progressive league in the country by adding CCL PRO23 to its player development pyramid,” said Danny Beamer, CCL President.

CCL PRO23 becomes the apex of the CCL Player Development Pathway.  Clubs that participate in the CCL now extend the long-term developmental opportunities for soccer players ages eight through 23, and older.

“CCL PRO23 is a player retention opportunity creating a bridge between clubs and college programs.  We (the CCL) have over 1,000 student-athletes playing collegiate soccer at all levels.  We are excited to expand the CCL Player Development Pathway to players who are playing in college, and who would love to continue playing at their ‘home club’.  The CCL produces top talent and fantastic match environments.  College programs know they have a reputable league not only to find their next top talent but now a league to help enhance their program’s players in the off-season,” said Brian Kuk, CCL Executive Director.

“This is yet another CCL innovation and is timely especially with the growth of the game and with the W-League folding recently.  The day is gone where a student-athlete comes home from college and has difficulty finding a truly competitive environment to train and play.  CCL PRO23 is the destination and becomes a vehicle for the CCL and college programs to build an even greater relationship than already exists,” commented Bo Eskay, Executive Director, FC Frederick.

Unique to CCL PRO23 will be the use of up to five over-23 players that will allow for former professional players to join and become role models for the next generation of players.

CCL PRO23 will culminate with Division Champions and the CCL PRO23 Championships in July.  Clubs will play up to seven division matches.  Division champions will earn playoff spots into the CCL PRO23 Championships.   The Championships will be hosted by CCL clubs and will be rotated annually.

Schedules, scores and standings will be posted on the league website.

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