CCL NextGen is a progressive, forward-thinking, regionalized league system
specifically for the next generation of youth soccer players.

 CCL NextGen is designed to inspire and unite top clubs
to pursue youth soccer player development as it was meant to be:  for the player.

Click here to go to the CCL Next Gen open application.

Beginning Fall 2018, NextGen will offer CCL clubs and clubs from outside the CCL participation in a regionalized league format specifically aimed at enhancing the overall development of the player.  CCL NextGen recognizes that matches for 9U & 10U players should not be focused on winning/losing, standings, promotion/relegation and long distance travel.  More importantly, CCL NextGen is club-centric, not team-centric or coach-centric.

CCL NextGen gives the game back to the player through its “Power to the Player” methodology.  This proven methodology affords youth players:

  • Developmental Platform for 9U & 10U Boys and Girls
  • A creative environment for play
  • The joy of learning new skills
  • The love of competition
  • The thrill of risk-taking
  • A long term approach to success

CCL NextGen provides club-wide advantages.  CCL’s club-centric model offers top clubs the opportunity to travel or host matches together, at one site.  The goal is to help clubs grow and build from within.  Club Technical Directors gain the chance to participate with all their players, coaches and club on the same day, and at one-site.  Coaches with more than one team will have schedules deconflicted, offering more time to spend with their club’s next generation of players.  No more travelling to multiple sites for matches.  Finally, parents, families and fans will be able to carpool, share resources, and be at one-site to help cheer on their club!

Application is open immediately.  CCL NextGen will begin Fall 2018, with league acceptances made by May 1st.  Non-refundable league deposit due June 1st.  There is no guaranteed entry.  A club may enter up to (2) two teams per age group, per gender, at the 9U & U10 level.  Clubs must have access to one site, with appropriately sized fields and equipment, to play each matchday.

Club-to-club match days
League division for tiered and non-tiered clubs
8 matches per season (16 total matches; 8 Fall and 8 Spring)
3 CCL ScrimmageFests (CLICK HERE for more information)
$600.00/per team (does not include referee fees)

Click here to go to the CCL Next Gen open application.

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