CCL United 2018 Rosters

We are excited to announce the 2018 CCL United teams.  If selected to the roster, please send $975.00 deposit (check only) by February 15, 2018.  If selected as an alternate, please send $350.00 deposit (check only) by February 15, 2018.  Please make check payable to CCL United and mail to:  CCL United, 1683 Monet Hill, Charlottesville, Virginia 22911.

Note: alternates in no particular order.  Alternates only pay deposit.  If selected as an alternate, we would like for you to participate in all events leading up to the trip.  If a rostered player is injured or cannot attend trip for some unforeseen reason, coaches will replace the rostered player with an alternate.  If this happens, we will communicate with the alternate and coordinate additional payment.

Final CCL United Payment will be due March 30, 2018.

TEAM SELECTIONS (Roster in alphabetical order; alternates in no particular order; alternates will be notified if they will be added to roster):

CCL United 2001 Girls – Tipselit Division (Paul Ellis / Bo Eskay / Kelsey Todd, ATC)

Anderson, Annabel
Blanco, Anna
Butler, Cassidy
Ellis, Courtney
Eskay, Isabelle
Holden, Ally
Kinkead, Alayna
Koviak, Camryn
Magenbauer, Olivia
Marcia, Lilli
Peery, Colleen
Piller, Kendall
Poole, Kara
Prillaman, Louisa
Steigner, Kaitlyn
Winterton, Makinna

CCL United 2002 Girls (Sam Bader / Shawn Trueblood / Laurel Hellhake, ATC)

Aunapu, Paityn
Bach, Anna
Burgamy, Alayna
Ellis, Ysamyn
Erostegui, Tanya
Harn, Amalia
Harrison, Tessa
Harvey, Grace
Hasenfang, Maya
Higgins, Ella
Matechak, Alex
McDonald, Jessica
Palamar, Alayna
Roop, Madison
Savage, Nyah
Seagraves, Katelyn
Spry, Cara
Vaughan, Mia

2002G Alternate: McDermott, Bayley

CCL United 2001 Boys – Tipselit Division (Carl Gray / Paul Membrino / Brian Wright, ATC)

Alley, Jake
Averette, Carter
Daiger, Riley
Eskay, Jack
Etienne, Quincey
Gaines, Victor
Gonsalves, Jaden
Guieb, Dylan
Guieb, Ryan
Hoffman, Daniel
Mowry, Alec
Rader, Christian
Schwab, Harrison
Sepelvada, Peter
West, Davis
Wilson, Ben
Wood, Billy

CCL United 2002 Boys (Bobby O’Brien / Khaled Hamami / Brian Wright, ATC)

Albritton, Chase
Bachmann, Johann
Coggins, Riley
Ferguson, Trevor
Gonzalez, Alexxio
Morrobel, Joshua
Ochoa Gomez, Diego
Pincus, Jeremy
Richard, Parker
Ross, Ryan
Somerville, Liam
Stevens, Chris
Theodros, Eyuel
Thompson, Liam
Tucker, Brody
Velasquez, Ronald
Whitfield, Ian
Yi, Josh

2002B Alternates:  Jara Castillo, Norberto; Sheppard, Hayden; Strait, Andrew

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