Next Gen

CCL Next Gen is a progressive, forward-thinking, high quality, localized league system
specifically designed for the next generation of youth soccer players.

 CCL Next Gen inspires and unites top clubs
to pursue youth soccer player development as it was meant to be:  for the player.

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Beginning Fall 2017, Next Gen will offer CCL clubs and non-CCL clubs participation in a high quality, developmentally appropriate, localized league(s) format.

Next Gen is about giving the game back to younger players and focuses solely on the long term development of the athlete and club.  Next Gen is not focused on wins/losses, standings, or a promotion/relegation model.  It is club-centric, not team or coach-centric.  And, importantly, Next Gen eliminates unnecessary long distance travel for young players, keeping players on the field more, and in the car less.

Next Gen gives the game back to the player through its “Power to the Player” methodology.  This proven methodology affords youth players:

  • Specifically targets the 12U, 11U, 10U, 9U age groups
  • Less travel, more minutes on the field
  • Emphasis on greater training and more meaningful matches
  • Competitive play that allows for creativity, skill building, and the thrill of risk-taking
  • Improved training and game environment to enhance player and coach development
  • Greater individual player oversight and collaboration (with top coaches)
  • A long term approach to athlete development and overall success
  • Maximum roster flexibility
  • 20 years of proven CCL small-sided success, and consistency with the US Soccer Player Development Initiatives

Next Gen also provides club-wide advantages.  CCL’s club-centric model offers top clubs the opportunity to travel or host matches together, at one site.  The goal is to help clubs grow and build from within.  Club Technical Directors, Directors of Coaching and/or Age Group Directors can immerse themselves into the game day experience of their younger players and coaches on the same day, and at one site.  Coaches with more than one team will have schedules deconflicted, offering more time to spend with their club’s next generation of players.  No more travelling to multiple sites for matches.  And finally, parents, families and fans will be able to carpool, share resources, and be at one site to help cheer on their club!

CCL Next Gen will begin Fall 2017.  The application is open immediately, deadline is November 25, and includes a non-refundable deposit per team (deposit to be returned if club not accepted).  Club acceptances will be announced December 30.  A club must have (2) two teams per age group, per gender, 11 and 12 boys and girls (8 teams total).  Clubs must have access to one site, with appropriately sized fields and equipment, to play each matchday.  There is no guaranteed entry.

Club-to-club match days
8 matches per season (16 total matches; 8 Fall and 8 Spring)
Up to 6 localized league matches with 2 crossovers (or more) with other regions
8 matches per matchday; (2) 11B, (2) 12B, (2) 11G, (2) 12G
$600.00/per team
Clubs should also indicate on the application if interested in participating CCL Next Gen 9/10s.

Click here to go to the CCL Next Gen open application.

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