CCL Generation adidas Club Invitational



2017 Dates Announced:  November 3-5, 2017
Contact kg@clubchampionsleague,com to enter your club into CCL Generation Club Invitational.  Please provide Club Name, location (address, city, state).  Only email if you can bring your club’s 11-15 boys and girls.  See below for more details about our event.

CCL Generation adidas Club Invitational – CHAMPIONS ANNOUNCED

Overall Club Champion = KINGS HAMMER  |  Overall Boys Champion = SOCA  |  Overall Girls Champion = KINGS HAMMER

adidas ACE (Overall Club = SOCA, Overall Boys = SOCA, Overall Girls = McLean)
Under 15 Boys:  SOCA
Under 15 Girls:  SOCA
Under 14 Boys:  SOCA
Under 14 Girls:  SOCA
Under 13 Boys:  SOCA
Under 13 Girls:  McLean
Under 12 Boys:  McLean
Under 12 Girls:  McLean
Under 11 Boys:  McLean
Under 11 Girls:  SOCA

adidas COPA (Overall Club = Kings Hammer, Overall Boys = Kings Hammer, Overall Girls = Kings Hammer)
Under 15 Boys:  Kings Hammer
Under 15 Girls:  Kings Hammer
Under 14 Boys:  Kings Hammer
Under 14 Girls:  Kings Hammer
Under 13 Boys:  Fredericksburg FC
Under 13 Girls:  Kings Hammer
Under 12 Boys:  Kings Hammer
Under 12 Girls:  Kings Hammer
Under 11 Boys:  Kings Hammer
Under 11 Girls:  Beach FC

adidas GLORO (Overall Club = LMVSC, Overall Boys = Potomac, Overall Girls = LMVSC)
Under 15 Boys:  Potomac
Under 15 Girls:  Potomac
Under 14 Boys:  LMVSC
Under 14 Girls:  LMVSC
Under 13 Boys:  Potomac
Under 13 Girls:  LMVSC
Under 12 Boys:  LMVSC
Under 12 Girls:  FC Frederick
Under 11 Boys:  Maryland United
Under 11 Girls:  Maryland United

November 5-6, 2016
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Weather looks great!  Clocks fall back one hour Saturday night!

(PDF) Tournament Approval, Foreign Teams, Tournament Rules
Schedule:  GotSoccer click here  


CineSports will be filming the Generation adidas Club Invitational for as low as $8/match.  Pre-ordered games only.
Click here to pre-order.

Warhill (click here)  Stadium (click here)  |  Edison (click here)  |  Lee District Park (click here)  |  Hayfield (click here)
Unique to our event, we play club-to-club and all club teams play at the same location or within close driving distance.

Hotels (must use CCL Travel):  Click here CCL Travel

Registration:  By Club Invitation only.  Individual teams will not be accepted.  If interested in our 2017 event, email your Club Name, location (address, city, state, zip) and desire to participate 11-15 boys and girls (2007-2003s).

Schedules:  Will be posted via GotSoccer (click here).  We will let your club know in advance the location to which your club will play.  They will communicate the location to your club teams.  When final, Master schedules will also be sent to your Club Director who will distribute via Team Managers.  Schedules are always subject to change.

Cost:  $575.00/team, U11-12s  |  $775.00/team, U13-14s  |  $875.00/team, 15s

Design:  The nation’s first Generation adidas sponsored club-to-club invitational under the competitive CCL banner.  If invited, guaranteed entry for all your club’s teams U11-U15 boys and girls, at a great price point, versus top competition (National, Regional and State Champions), and offering the perfect setting for player, coach, team development and club-building.  No waiting for application decisions, if your club wants to participate we will guarantee entry today. 

Format:  Clubs are placed into groups of four (4).  Club-to-club group play.  Guaranteed maximum three full matches per age group.  One match per day.  All matches at one-site or within close driving distance.  Age Group winners.  Overall Boys and Girls Champions (accumulation of club points from all age groups in a gender; every game means something).  Overall Club Champion (accumulation of club points from all age groups and both genders).  Maximum GotSoccer points will be allocated.

Fields:  All matches played on Turf or Bermuda grass fields.  Lighted Turf fields available at many sites.  Guaranteed to play (unless travel prohibits attendance).

Bonus.  Beginning 2017, Overall Club Champions receives guaranteed entry, along with reduced fees, into UFA Generation adidas Norcross Cup. All club age groups 11-19, boys and girls (adidas partner or CCL club). Club with the most overall club points from all groups.

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