2018 CCL PRO23 Champions

An exciting and eventful regular season of CCL PRO23 lead into climactic semifinal and championship matches played between the leagues best teams. Roanoke Star and Richmond Strikers were crowned the Men and Women’s 2018 CCL PRO23 Champions respectively, after winning their final matches at Greenwood Park in Glen Allen, Virginia.

CCL CCLPRO23 Women’s Final:  Richmond Strikers 2 vs. Maryland United 0

CCL CCLPRO23 Men’s Final:  Roanoke 1 vs. Fredericksburg FC 0

Richmond Strikers proved to be the dominant side in the Women’s match, scoring an early goal, and then tallying their second in the 65th off a great service from a wide area. Maryland United was very organized defensively, and made it difficult for Strikers to break them down, but a few lapses lead to goals. Roanoke held a one-goal lead for the majority of the Men’s match, scoring off an incredible diving header late in the first half. Fredericksburg made a valiant effort to get numbers forward and push for an equalizer, but Roanoke stayed committed defensively, and was able to manage the game with some great spells of possession.

For those that missed the matches, they are available to stream here: 

CCL PRO23 Women’s Championship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=H76iPX8j-sU&feature=youtu.be

CCL PRO23 Men’s Championship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zorDvvwmZg&feature=youtu.be

The third annual season of CCL PRO23 was a tremendous success. Growing from 18 teams in the inaugural season to 41 teams for this year, there has been a dramatic increase in competition, as well as the engagement from the clubs and communities. We are eagerly awaiting the 2019 season, as we expect to see continued expansion and development. Thank you to all who participated and followed us along the way!

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